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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Zhanna Friske the russian pop star

Zhanna Friske (Жанна Фриске) a famous star in the sky of Russian pop, a participant of the reality shows "Last Hero" (Последний герой) and charming witch of the "Dozorov" (Дозоров), which has earned the title "The most stylish in Russia" at 2006. Zhanna's confidence is on life by participating in the most unexpected and daring projects to surprise viewers and listeners.

Zhanna Friske Vladimirovna was born on July 8, 1974 in Moscow. From early childhood she was very active child, loved dancing, have a sense of rhythm and harmony of movement. Therefore, she played ballet, sports dance, acrobatics and artistic gymnastics in the school. She is very easily got admit to Moscow Institute of Culture of the choreography, but after six months transferred to Moscow State University, deciding to learn journalism. But then her life intervened in show business.

Once Zhanna tryed at the rehearsal group "Blestyaschi" (Блестящие) and stayed with them as singers. In the team "Blestyaschi" she worked for seven years. In 2003, Zhanna left the group to pursue solo creativity, continuing to cooperate with former producers - Andrei Grozny and Andrei Shlykovym, with the help of which 4 October 2005 in light went debut album the singer under the name "Zhanna".