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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Victoria Bonya (Виктория Боня) - The Russian showbiz star

Name: Victoria Bonya (Виктория Боня)
Date of Birth: 27.11.1979
Birthplace: Krasnokamensk Chita Region.
Zodiac: Sagittarius.
Marital Status: Single.
Education: Higher Economic School Ostankino television (TV).
Languages: English (fluent), Spanish (conversational).
Height: 170 cm.
Weight: 51 kg.
Hair color: sandy-fair.
Eyes: gray-green eyes.
Place of residence: Moscow.

Victoria lived in Moscow since 1996, arrived «conquer» capital at the age of 16! Her life in Moscow has started almost from the street, where the greatest success seemed to find a job as a waitress, just enough money for the withdrawal of squalid rooms in the garage and had to save even the most necessary food. Having overcome this period, Vika suddenly gets a chance to see life from a completely different side: she acquainted with the life of the capital's top level, and even appears in her dreams - America (2002 Vika gets there first). On the Horizon «emerging» career model, but ... The sudden turn of fate and her destiny is reality-show «Dom2», which brings it to new opportunities - the most popular and interesting work at the end of the project.

After the departure of the project is six months leading Vika morning broadcast on the radio, and then invited her back to TV - as soveduschey program «Cosmopolitan-video verson». It is completely happy with their new roles - the work leading to it has long seemed interesting, and Vika only see it in practice, said to myself: «This is mine!». But fate has already prepared a new surprise: the embodiment of cherished childhood dreams - shooting a movie.

During the summer of 2008 Victoria was invited to one of the main roles in the comedy «All the beauty of love». Today Bonya sure that everything is just beginning: it is their own, at the start of the actor's career is full of energy, ambition, ideas and, most importantly, now Vika already seen in our own experience: dreams come true. And that's important for every woman - she loves, has loved and could afford to think about family and children ...

Living with all the manifestations:
Relax - varied - from a lazy time on the beach to the extremely sharp entertainment for sensations.
Hobbies - travel, watch the people.
Jobs - TV (TNT Cosmo), beginning actress.
Plans - Get Acting Education.
The motto - Strive skyward and never fall down!
Favorite male - available.
The closest person - my mother.
Dream - to fly into space.