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Friday, March 12, 2010

From the diary of Victoria Bonya (Виктория Боня)

Here is the unofficial translation from the Victoria Bonya (Виктория Боня)’s Russian blog. The text and photos below, belong to her.

BE HAPPY (01-03-2010 23:46 )

In early February, I visited the southern capital of our homeland - the city of Krasnodar! Truly I came to the south of Russia not only just. Congratulate me, now I am the ambassador of the beauty and health center, "BE HAPPY". Practically whole day I spent in the procedure room there. What's they did not do with me! I went to the massage room, to the sauna and took bath of Cleopatra.

I was barely alive, because today only slept three hours. And the flight was not comfortable. And now I feel so cheerful. On the way, when flew here, I thought, why the salon called “Be Happy”. Now I understand. Imagine, I spent there just a few hours, and already happy. In the evening I went to a nightclub Diamond, there with friends I celebrated the end of the working day and a successful trip to Krasnodar!