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Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to seduce your informatics/language teacher

Things we need:
A student (male)
A young techer (female)
Minimum one day class in a week
Some courages

Things to do:
Never go to class from the first day of the semester. Miss few classes, may be 2 or 3. If she has the list of all names, she will find you or ask about you to your classmates. Their provided information will give her a basic idea about you. It will be in her memory in subconscious mind.

When you will start to go to class regularly, never try to be cool from the first moment. Remember, you are not the only one student/person after her. She had, has and will get, if she has a killer figure, the number will increase. So, if she is a normal one (not bitchy) just have patience and try to get a connection with her. If she uses internet, try to get her facebook, twitter, google buzz, e-mail etc address.

If you can access to her facebook, twitter, google buzz address as a mutual friend, you can see her photos, wall posts, personal information, friend lists etc. if you don’t have access to her account and you don’t want let her know about it, just try to find who is her friend and send them friend request. Sometimes it’s help. You can see her few information as a friends of friend. Or just make a fake account and try to be her friend. If she has photos, you can know about her home, friends, like-dislikes and many things more. You can get easily know who is her good friend by the wall posts. Find who has commented there often and she replied. And try to read old posts to know more about her.

If she is your language teacher, try to talk with her as much as possible. Ask her to go out with you. If she ask, why? Just answer simply, how much I will talk with you in this language that much I will learn. Try to talk with her about different topics. Try to talk about sex. But don’t jump to the topic. You have to come to this topic slowly. Don’t let her noticed that you are controlling the situation. Make it friendly and show that, you just want to talk about it in that language. Because it will make your vocabulary rich.

In the class try to be an attentive student. Show her, you are getting interest from her lessons. Look at her eyes straight but not like moron with open mouth. During talking to her, when she will look at you, often look at her lips and boobs. You have to do it during when she will look at you. Let her show, what you are looking at on her. And go back to her eyes again because you have to make sure, she is still looking at you/she has noticed about it. Do this with continuous pause. Don’t look at her eyes or boobs more than 2 seconds. Send her the information that you desired her. If she is you informatics teacher and most of time seat on the chair with computer, ask her to write something on the blackboard. Let her ass shake during writing. Be a little bit bad also. Have fun.

Well, may be many other students will do the same. So, you have to be closer. Try to borrow pen, paper, books etc from her at every class. But, not the same thing everyday. Often ask her to help you after class. Try to touch her friendly to her palm, fore arm, back. Try to act like a friend more than a student. Seducing is a psychological game. Girls/women have a protection wall around them from the nature, like computer firewall. They like the person who can cross the protection line first. It’s kind of the strongest sperm which will be entered in the eggs first.

No need to wear too much fancy dress. Or use annoying perfume. No need to copy superstar/macho character. Well, sometimes they work. But if you are rich (not by material) from inside, it will work better. You have to be a unique person. As your own. Women like the person who is not like everybody. She can get offer like let’s have a drink or something usual like this often. But you have to make your own style and try to get connected. Be friendly with her. If she is older, married or have children, let her feel she is same as you by age. Let her feel she is still pretty. Let her feel she is still desirable.

The main idea of seducing is not to fall in love. The main concept here to trigger her attraction to you and make love. Every time when you will see her, smile and look like she is the most desirable sexual object. But no need to pray her as a goddess. Every time try to talk with her with two meanings. One should be normal and the other should be sexual. So, during talking with her the sexual tension will work. And don’t afraid to talk with her like this in front of every student in the class. Let her and all your classmates show that you have balls. You are not like others who just desire, think and jerk. You have to be different from the flow.

During continuing these behavior, automatically she will think about you, how you do. It’s like reflection. If you smile somebody, she will smile. If you frown to somebody, she will not smile. It’s like the same. But because of student-teacher position, you need to do some extra work. Make some fun in the class, be cocky. But don’t be annoying. Don’t send unnecessary e-mail, sms or phone call. Every time try to do these when she is near you in real.

If you see the catch is in the trap and you are getting response how you wanted, be one level closer. Try to touch her hair and keep your hand on her for long when she is alone with you. If she allows to touch her hair, you are inside her protection circle. But don’t do everything by your own. If you see, she is responding. Lean back. See what she can do for you. Its called hot and cold game. You have to go two steps forward and one step back. Don’t pray and be a clown in front of her. Act like a man with balls. Never forget to let her remember that, she is not the last woman/girl in this world. Control the whole situation.

After all these things, if she response good, the game is about to finish. Look at her eyes, touch her hair, touch her chick, pull her head to you, kiss on the lips, make love. But if you want to do it in Russian way, no need to work that hard. Try to seat with her at your/her place or in the café. It is the main part. To get her alone with you. Discuss about something. Don’t forget to arrange a bottle of vodka or cognac with cucumber/tomato pickles, sausage and bread. Eat and drink with her. After few shots, if she feels enough that she is a russian; she will do everything for you.