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Friday, April 29, 2011

Five easy tips to lose weight naturally

Few days before, I was standing near the main entrance of our hostel alone. There were three girls talking about exercise, workout or something related with weight lose. One of them was OVER weight, another one was Healthier than normal weight and height and the last one was almost perfect, seems just couple of extra pounds fat on her waist.

I noticed that, not only those three girls but also almost everybody is not satisfied with their body shape. Over weight people wants to be under controlled and normal healthy people wants be in perfect shape. From our study we learned, this wave has came to Russia after available the glance magazine from western world. Now, these kinds of magazines are very cheap with many perfect super model photos. They are making effect on Russian society very much. Everybody wants to be like them. There are no questions about Russian beauty, but if you really want to see some super model face and body shape, come to our university.

So, if you not satisfy of your body weight and shape, and if you want to make your body shape perfect like super model in those glance magazine, you can try my five easy tips to lose weight naturally. For this, you don’t need to spend any extra money or use instruments in the jim. Just follow these easy five tips everyday.

Don’t diet.
Yes it’s true. Except of eat less food, try to add some more food. What are you thinking, are you kidding me!!? No I am not kidding. It’s a real fact. If you fond of eating, eat fruits and vegetables except what you are eating usually.

Don’t eat junk foods.
Fast foods are very tasty. But bad for health. From MCdonalds to cheap street Shaurma. All are bad. I am not an expert to show you what’s inside those ‘junk’s. But know the bad effect very much personally. So, avoid them as much as possible.

Drink water.
Drink fresh water as much as possible. Juice (except natural you can make yourself) and any kind of soft bubble drinks contain sugar. Try to drink water before eating main courses. It will make you feel not to eat very much.

Do exercise.
Don’t start from a heavy exercise. Start from walking. At first walk few minutes. Then walk longer. You can avoid lift or escalator and use stairs also. It’s a good exercise. Who’s body is fit to do jogging, running, cycling, swimming, dancing or anything advance exercise like these, do them. I saw, many people do exercise too much one day and next three days get rest. It’s not the proper way. Do exercise everyday as much as you can.

Eat properly.
Eat properly means, eat till you don’t feel hungry. When you are hungry, start to eat. When you will feel you are not hungry anymore, stop eating. Except red meat, eat more bird meat and fish. If you use to eat only three big meals (breakfast, launch, supper) in twenty four hours, divide these three meals amount to five parts. Make them small and finish them five times in a day. Don’t eat too much fat, oily, fried, creamy food. Eat baked and boiled food.

P. S.: if you really want to lose your own weight and be in shape, keep concentrate to your weight loss goal. Do it only for yourself. Don’t listen what other people say, don’t listen their unsuccess story. Don’t talk with anybody how you are losing weight. They can give you unnecessary suggestions and make you confused. You did not get your own over weight in one day, so, it’s not possible to reduce and be in shape in one day, its need time. Don’t take any partner with you. If your partner can’t continue, it will make effect and you will not feel to do these alone. Start the weight loss process from now, from today, don’t wait for tomorrow. Always remember, how much hard the process is, that much pleasure to enjoy the success.