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Monday, April 25, 2011

How to add social bookmark button on your website or blog

Thousands of time I’ve seen on many blogs and websites this ‘add this’ button. So, what is this ‘add this’ button does? If you have this button on your website or blog, any body who wants to share your provided information can add your info to his/her desired sharing service.

How does this ‘add this’ button works? Like, I am writing this post here in blogspot and I have this ‘add this’ share button bellow the post. If you like my post, you can share it in your preferable sharing service like Facebook, Twitter, GoogleBuzz, Vkontakte and many more. Just you need to click on the icon. (or if your sharing service is not so popular, find it from the ‘more’ list. To get it, put your cursor on the ‘share’ text.) If you already logged in to Facebook or Twitter or any other service, it will automatically get connect and share my post with you as a link. Now your every friend will able to see this post. You can also send this post by e-mail and print via printer by this service.

How to add ‘add this’ button to you blog? Go to this url ‘addthis.com’. You will see there many options like where do you want to add this button. It can be on a normal website or any popular free blog service like Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad and more. Just select it. And select what kind of button you prefer. It can be big, medium, small button or just text or button with text. Then you will get the code. Paste the code under your post (create a new html/JavaScript page element under the main post on blogger layout option). It will show this button automatically under each post. So, have fun with share and be shared with everybody.