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Friday, April 29, 2011

How to make your day GOOD (morning)

Well, we are living in the society. We cannot control everything around us. Most of time we get controlled. But our point of view and wish can change everything. Let’s see how it works.

The name of this article is ‘how to make your day GOOD’. It’s not mean only ‘day’ time. It’s about total twenty four hours. Parts of our ‘day’ are morning, working hour, evening, night. Here I will talk about ‘morning’ for a single person.

How to start a good morning:

Try to wake up at the same time everyday. If you make it as a routine, it will help you to make whole day plan successfully.

Many people use to drink tea, coffee or smoke cigarette for their morning ‘personal needs’ (it sounds filthy but truth). And you can do any light exercise till to sweat like jogging on a same place, jumping rope, power riding, cycling, yoga, meditation or anything will fit with your body, mind and whole day working schedule. After this process, take a shower. It will help you to refresh your body with mind.

Eat a healthy breakfast but not too much. These days, many overweight people don’t take breakfast for diet or think it will reduce weight. But to work your metabolism properly, you should take breakfast. We are going to start our day, so, we should give our body some energy. Green tea is a good choice for the part of breakfast also.

Now make a plan what are you going to do whole day. It’s better to write it down in your personal diary which you carry or in your telephone. Don’t forget to keep some minutes only for you in this plan. At that time, you can think, re think what you have done already or what are you going to do.

Morning part has finish.

(To be continued…)