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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to be a real man

How to be a real man?

Have to be stronger
The stronger sex therefore, called such, that its representatives have no moral right to show their weakness. But this does not mean that men are always ready to fight and they are never scared. Keep the balance between what is waiting for you lovely woman, and their true feelings under force is not for everyone.

Take responsibility
Many men gladly would forego the right to control not only their lives but also the welfare of their parents, wives, children and subordinates. These honor commitments often become a burden, but if you were born a boy, freedom of choice, is responsible for what and how much responsibility to assume, not by definition.

Make decisions
To lead, be a leader, to lead - these are just the properties of the character and temperament, not particular sex in general! The only pity is, the stereotypes do not tolerate any "abnormal" and be a good performer under the heel for a more energetic lady, boss or wife, it means to be "bad" man.

Be the best
Or at least strive to do so. A woman is allowed to float, performing his maternal and conjugal duty to the extent to which it turns out. The man was originally included in the race for the championship. You do not always specify how equal in intelligence and status, he must beat rivals to finally be crowned with laurels of the winner.

Show generosity
To make "domestic" and "extreme" exploits a real man should, not expecting to be compensated, no gentlemanly qualities, and even childish. At the same time, we wasted courtesy of friends and strangers for less serious good deeds and help. So why a man can not expect the same from a woman, which is connected with his life and for which he is really ready for more?

Be calm
Currently respect and even admiration cause men performing their work and personal debt, not allowing himself to express displeasure or aggression.

Don’t be selfish
Women unconsciously demand that men truly heroic altruism. First and foremost, he must think about anything for someone, but not about himself. Standard men's entertainments are - football, fishing, sauna, and etc - only in his spare time. Except these try to give spend time with partner.

Make true the title super lover
Marital sex, what sometimes called the service. The more women's sexual needs are growing almost at a higher rate than the desire to dress some of the best designers and the rest at the fashionable resorts. At the same time confirm to be a macho man, the hero of all advertisements and articles in women's magazines.

Cope with the "pure male" work
Do plumbing, make trouble-free computers, navigation, fix cars and other equipment – many years ago it called the ability "to hammer a nail”, but even today manual work at home should not frighten a man. In accordance with tradition at the slightest break instead of a specialist, we call upon to help her lover.

Sacrificing the high ideals
For the sake of family happiness, tranquility and close for the sake of material well-being of the simple romantics they have become a prime office employee work. Dreams about to conquer the skies stunt or to perform round the world trip, have to change to the routine work to be closer to family, to have a steadily increasing revenue and reliable good quiet and measured life. And, as has been said, not complaining about a similar fate.