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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Resume: guidelines to write a proper one

There are many guidelines to write a proper resume. All of them are quite clearly defined rules for writing a resume. Let's see, how to write a proper resume.

At the very beginning applicant must indicate his surname, first name, middle name, age, and contact information. This is to ensure that employers don’t have to look through the all the resumes to find the line with your phone or name.

The most important information for the employer should be located closer to the resume, secondary part should closer to its end. For example, to important information may include the formation and listing previous jobs (not more than last three). To the secondary, personal information and expectations of the applicant to work in this team, etc. In the center of the resume provides information describing the character and ability of the candidate, his strengths and weaknesses, as well as expectations of a new job.

All information given in the resume should be presented shortly, in an understandable form. Resume should be in the form of a table or clearly structured text, breaking it into the relevant sections (education, work experience, personal qualities of the applicant, etc.). I think, needless to say, during completing a resume spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors should be avoided.