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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yoga fitness: 5 easy exercises to get fit everyday

Here are 5 easy Yoga exercises to get fit everyday.

a) Sit on the floor, knees bent, feet on the floor. Grasp the legs in the

thigh, just above the knees.

b) leaning a little back, lifting his feet so that your shins are parallel

to the floor. Keep feet together.

c) Pull out your hands, keeping them in front of you at shoulder level.

d) Raise your legs above your knees touched the hands and your body has

formed the letter V (as shown in the picture).

a) Based on the hand straight and toes, take such a position that your body

has formed a straight line.

b) Bend your left leg at the knee, pulling it toward the face as if you

wanted to touch the knee of the nose.

c) Push the right thigh, and along with it and shank to the body - as shown

in the picture. Sock legs straight and sent back. Stay in this position for

10 seconds. Repeat the exercise with other leg.

a) Sit down and lean on your hands. Lift off the floor the legs and thighs.

b) Lift your heels off the floor - so that your whole body from the feet and

finishing the neck, formed a straight line.

c) Slightly tilt the head back to the chin was pointing up at the ceiling

(as shown in the picture).

a) Take a position similar to an inverted V - relying on the feet and hands,

straightened and spaced shoulder-width apart.

b) Make a right foot step forward, right between your hands. Knee should be

exactly over the heel. Lower your left knee down, but do not touch them sex.

c) Unfold and straighten the body, raising his hands above his head (see

picture). Repeat the exercise, changing feet.

a) Lie on your stomach. Forehead and toes feet should touch the floor.

b) Place the palms on the floor, flanked by the body - so that the fingers

were pointing forward. Bend your elbows.