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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Moscow happy 864th birthday (день города москва)

By tradition, each year the first Sunday of September Moscow celebrates ‘the day of the city’ (its birthday) 'день города Москва'. We can get the correct age of the city by two principles:
- Historically focused on the city name reference in the documents.
- Archaeological, allowing settlement date more than a century old, if it is well established through archaeological investigation.

How old is Moscow?
The capital of our Russia is much older than his official age!

The first reliable mention of the chronicle is Hypation Chronicle on Saturday, April 4, 1147, when the Rostov-Suzdal Prince Yury Dolgoruky received in town called the Moscow of their friends and allies, headed by the Prince of Novgorod-Seversky Svyatoslav Olegovich. But the excavations show that even for 100-150 years before this date, there is already an established Slavic settlement of urban type.

The exact age of Moscow until no one dares to guess, but there are legends that identify its foundation back to ancient times. Age of Moscow may be more than 1000 years, as evidenced by the coins and objects found during recent archaeological excavations.

By tradition, each year the first Sunday of September Moscow celebrates its birthday, the day of the city. But in truth, this date is conditional, as does the age of the capital. This year Moscow will be 864 years old. This year's main celebration ‘The day of the city’ will take place on Sunday the September 4, 2011.

Along with Muscovites, many other people will celebrate more than 700 holiday events, including 40 citywide scales, the others at the level of districts and regions. The townspeople are waiting for concerts, festivals, fireworks and even the world's largest 3D-show video projections on the Varabeobi Hills.

For the first time the City Day will be celebrated at the Red Square. It will be a central event, which will bring together more than two thousand five hundred artists.

There will be bright lighting on the bridges and roads of the capital with 13.5 thousand panels, flags, banners. In the city will place 1.6 thousands of structures three to six feet high, 200 greeting posters on stopping pavilions and other design elements, and the central city area will decorate with many decorative designs. On the eve of the celebration will update with new flower plants, which would give them more lush and well-groomed appearance. On 60 screens will broadcast a specially prepared for the City Day movie. On the residential and administrative buildings of the capital will be hang national flags and flags of the Russian Federation in Moscow. On the 4th September in the city will light up the festive illuminations. The metro will feature holiday programs and songs.

In connection with folk festivals will be blocked vehicular traffic in central Moscow, and modified work schedule metro and public transport routes. Security will provide more than 16 thousand law enforcers. The police will monitor compliance with the ban on alcohol sales (according to changes in the law, equal to alcohol beer, which is now forbidden to sell in stalls and tents), to drink any alcohol on the street also prohibited.

Authorities decided to disperse the clouds, so good weather is guaranteed. So, all my readers are welcome to enjoy this historical festival and once again, happy 864th birthday Moscow.