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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wonderful holiday in Gorky Park (Отдых в Москве - Парк Горького)

Holidays in Moscow is a problem for many people. This crowded metropolis lives in a crazy rhythm and take rest here is a dream for somebody. Among the nightclubs and bars, banks and companies include supermarkets and shopping malls, Gorky Park still loved by many children and adults with all its events. Here you can always have a good rest with entire family. Central Park of Culture and Rest named by Maxim Gorky is the best park in Moscow. This park was established in 1928 and is one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. The idea of reconstruction of the park appeared in 2006. There are all conditions for comfortable family holiday. Fresh herbs and trees, lawns, flower gardens and flowerbeds, ponds, sculptural groups, pavilions, fountains, refreshing air and of course many interesting events for children.

For those who do not have enough adrenaline in life, for those who like extreme sports and risk, this park is for you. If you want to experience a real drive, you should explore all the rides in Moscow's Gorky Park and you will enjoy. Do you want to risk? No problem. Try the event "Big Ben", check their twisting streamer "Euro Star". If it’s not enough try the "Frenzied mill," and you will understand what a real adrenaline rush. Here you can yell, laugh, scream, don’t control your emotions, your 9 to 5 solid employee mask will blown away, and you will feel who you really are. You will feel the real life here. That what’s the extreme ride of Gorky Park in Moscow.

Well, if you are a family man and your children seat at home, show them the magic world of children's events there. Children's holiday in Moscow will be the brightest and most memorable, if you visit the "Miracle Castle" in Gorky Park. Ride in a boat on the river in the jungle, jump on trampolines, ride on the carousel, ride the roller coaster, and then talk with your favorite cartoon characters. Then you can try yourself at the role of a brave captain, or explore the country recover from the dinosaurs. You can visit like the astronaut in the space ship "Buran". Kids holiday weekend in the Gorky Park is something like unforgettable. Both for your children and for you. Because in the "Miracle City" is for both adults and children. You can visit there "Fantastic voyage", "Musical Express». If you want to organize a vacation with children for a weekend in Moscow, it will be the most memorable for everybody. After couple of times you will become a regular visitor to this wonderful place.

So, to get guaranteed positive emotions and thrills you can just visit the Gorky Park in Moscow.