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Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn beauty plan

Autumn is a special time to take care of yourself, your body and outlook. After hot and shiny summer, your skin and hair is still exposed to the sun and wind. Also in autumn you should pay special attention to your outlook before the cold weather. So, the spirit of the season requires your personal care from you and a beauty plan for the Autumn.

So, first you need to help restore skin and hair after the summer, and secondly, to provide them proper food for the coming winter, and third, just enjoy yourself with super good mood.

Beauticians say that, in this time of the year the sun is not active and its appearance is minimal. So, need to do maximum kind of beauty treatments for you. Very common problems are dead cells on the skin, wrinkles of the face, rashes, sore and sunburn after expose under the summer sun.

Nutrition and hydration of skin and hair is the most important concern before the coming winter. A variety of vitamins and hydrating mask and massage should use for nutrition and hydration of the skin in this season. To economy your money, use grandmother’s recipes or ask any of your girlfriend.

Taking care of your whole body skin by variety of wraps and massages, will bring you pleasure mentally back on holiday at the St Tropez warm sea. But for the hands and feet can do paraffin baths, which will nutrient the skin and make it soft and silky like flower petals. Don’t forget about your nails, polish them with lemon juice or use special oil for nail.

And off course, do not forget about taking vitamins (from natural resources), which will help you to build strong the immune system for winter and take care of your beauty and attractiveness.