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Friday, June 1, 2012

10 simple tips for long lasting jeans

Jeans (denim clothes) are very comfortable to wear. Jeans is for young and old. For different situations. Simple for everyday. For parties and holidays. Proper care will help you save your favorite jeans clothes. Let’s see these 10 simple tips for long lasting jeans.

1. Do not soak jeans in the water with a temperature more than 40 degrees. Do not leave them long enough for 20-30 minutes.

2. Do not wash jeans with bleach powder effect. This powder will dim buttons and rivets. Fabric will be lighter. It is better to use soap!

3. Do not wash your jeans on a washboard or a machine that has a speed of over 800. It is best washed by hand with a soft brush.

4. Do not dry your jeans directly in the sun.

5. Do not wear jeans when are not completely dry. In this case they will have stretched down knees and hang down butt.

6. No need to worry if the wash water turns its color. It means that jeans has the excess paint.

7. Black and colored jeans better to wash with a bit of vinegar. It will make the color stable and brighter.

8. Jeans Rinse first in warm and then cold water.

9. If you dry your jeans, it is best to hang them in its belt.

10. Jeans may be ironed, and do not be. If you do it wet, then they will become softer and more comfortable.