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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Holiday fun

Funny holiday games are best for any informal gatherings. People should wear informal clothes and know each other, then it will be fun. These games are not only good for holiday and picnics but also corporate parties and any gathering like this on wide open space.

The number and kind of funny holiday games can be any. Depend on the group of people, place, company, culture, country and etc. You can choose anything suitable for you. Here are just a few of them.

Game: Don’t drop the orange
Number of players: 2 teams
What you need: 2 pieces orange. chairs for the players.
Players will divide into two teams. At the signal from the leader you need to pass an orange to neighbor, using only the feet. And you can only use the upper part (from knee to hip). If orange fall down, start the game again, but not with the same pair of two players. The purpose of the game is which team member can pass the orange to the last pair of the players first in the same team. Then, your team will win.

Game: Crumple the newspaper
Number of Players: 4 to 6
What you need: a double sheet of newspaper for each player.
Players stand in a row, assign a hand up, holding the paper (only the tip). At a signal from the leader, should crumple the paper using only one hand and gather it into a fist full. The winner is the first to raise his fist above his head with crumpled newspaper.
For this game we recommend an advance supply of water to wash hands from newsprint ink.

Game: Freeze
Number of Players: 4 to 6
What you need: a few different pairs of stockings, socks, gloves and mittens, a stopwatch, blindfold for player.
Players stand in a circle, they are blindfolded and wear gloves on hands from different pairs. In the center of the circle throw socks and mittens. At the signal from the leader, players have to put on socks from the center quickly and as much as possible. If you can wear as many as possible, you will be the winner. During the game, player can’t remove gloves from hands.

Game: True or Lies
Number of players: 2 teams
What you need: chairs, a list of questions prepared before on hand.
Players are divided into two teams and sit opposite to each other. Between the two rows of players at each end place a chair, one is for the correct answer, the other is for not correct. For every correct answer the team will awarded by points. The leader from each team will read the questions one by one. The team, whose player first takes the "correct" chair, gets a point. Which team will get more point then other, will be the winner. This game can run until the question finished.

Example question:
1. 30 days in November (yes)
2. Etymology is the study of insects (no, the words)
3. Autism is a disease of the kidneys (no, mental illness)
4. The word "protocol" has 9 letters (no, 8 letters)
4. Holland is the same as the Netherlands and so on (yes).

Happy holidays to you!