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Friday, June 1, 2012

How to remove chewing gum from clothes

Almost every children as an adult has the situation in his life, when the chewing gum stuck to his clothes, particularly nasty cases with the pants. At such moments, chewing gum actually brought a problem. At room temperature chewing gum becomes sticky and tend, to remove it from the clothes is very difficult. Now you are going to learn some pretty simple tips to how to remove chewing gum from cloths.

You can take your clothes to the dry cleaner, but it may be close that time. Or you may not have enough time for it. Even sometimes dry cleaning is not good for children's clothes. Chemical reaction can cause allergies in the baby's skin.

Ok, less talk and more work. Let’s start now.

If you have spotted gum on clothes too late, then freeze your clothes, yes, carefully fold the thing, put in a bag and send it in the freezer for a day. When are you going to get clothes out of the freezer, start gently scrape away chewing gum with a blunt object. In a short time it will fall off.

Do you have a home nail polish remover for the nails? Excellent! In the next couple of minutes call it "liquid chewing gum remover." Pour a little on a cotton pad and rub the gum. Chewing gum should immediately roll up pellets and keep up with your stuff.

Stroke the "victim" thing iron through a newspaper. This makes it possible to remove chewing gum from trousers. But remember the spot may remain.

Use gasoline! Not to burn, but put a bit on cotton and rub. It's all clear. Chewing gum will no longer be as cute.

Wash the "place attachment" hot water. It will melt and disappear.

Chew another gum for five minutes until the sweetness disappear. When you feel that the sweetness has gone, carefully spit gum into his hand and knead it by hand. Chewing gum should begin to stick to your fingers; in this state it is capable of removing the clinging to clothes gum. Put one to another and make sudden movements to remove from the clothes.

Hope, now you got how to remove chewing gum from cloths. Be more careful next time!