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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Top 10 sexy male body parts that attract women

From ancient times, women are always attracted to men with a strong and healthy body, which could be better production source and protect the family.

In the course of time nothing has changed. Woman of the 21st century prefer men who are in addition with the power to satisfy their emotional needs. Women, as a rule, always wanted to have a strong and gentle man. Strong, because a man can give a better genetic inheritance for the family. So, let’s figure out which top 10 sexy male body parts that attract women.

1. Athletic body shape In the first place occupied by the attractiveness of a man with a V-shaped body. Athletic body is a kind of signal of health and strength and that man is able to provide food for his family. They consider the strong man is more attractive then others.

2. Broad shoulders and chest, muscular and strong hands of Male body. As a rule, men’s shoulder should be wider and narrow hips, and a woman's shoulder should be narrow and wide hips. Broad shoulder from the opinion of women is a sign of masculinity. Men should have their forearm rather strong, which allows them to be more accurate gunner and hunters. Hairy armpits were always a sign of exceptional courage. Hair in that area spread the scent of a man who seems attractive and sexy to women.

3. A narrow butt. Women love men's narrow butt. The secret of the narrow butt is that during sex men have to make strong friction. A man with a big but can’t deliver such performance as they have to make an effort with his whole body. As a result many women are not happy with men’s big butt. A man with a narrow butt can perform better during sex.

4. Hairy body. Approximately 50% of women like men with hair, with the rest in this regard with indifference. Many of the women surveyed admitted that they like bald men. As a rule, bald spot appears on the genetic causes and the cause of baldness is also a large amount of male hormone. Proved, because of the large number of hormones, bald men are much faster and more sexually excited liberated than their "hairy" counterparts. Because of that, bald spot is perceived by women as a sign of super sexy and attractiveness.

5. Sensitive lips and kind eyes. The men during describing women's lips use words such as wet, sexy, sweet and alluring. Women also use the words: sensual, loving and passionate. These words are not used here in the literal sense. Women use them to describe the relation of men to themselves. As a rule, women like dark eyes than light. Because, dark eyes added depth and look of masculinity.

6. High nose and chin. Men with high levels of male hormone testosterone has strong chin than men with low levels of male hormone. Strong jaw is a sign of defiance to women. A miniature jaw is associated with the tenderness and spineless to women.

7. Narrow hips with strong and muscular legs are preferred to women than in other. Because they allow a man to run faster.

8. A flat tummy. A big belly was a privilege only the wealth and carelessness. A flat tummy indicates your power and the external appearance and health.

9. Big penis is the most attracted sex organ of all known part of body for women. For thousands of years it was believed that a large penis shows how a man is a skillful lover. But this is more physiological characteristics than the psyche of man. In actual fact, the truth is simple; a man with a 7 centimeter penis is able to deliver much more pleasure to a woman than with 18 centimeter.

10. Unshaven or light beard chin is an indicator of masculinity and maturity.