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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Russian pop group The SEREBRO (Серебро)

In english Serebro (Серебро) means silver. But here in Russia, this pop group is more worthy than gold. The group members are: Elena Temnikova (21), finalist project «Factory of Stars-2». Lizorkin Marina (24 years), Academy of pop-jazz graduate, a soloist of the group «formula». Olga Seryabkina (22), participant of dance, performed back-vocals of another famous singer Irakli.

Group SEREBRO became known publicly in advance of the «Eurovision 2007». Peculiar sensation for Russian music was the decision by a regional selection committee to send the contest to represent Russia is not known to anyone starting a group whose first single zazvuchal on the radio a month before the competition. The results of the contest - the third place, and rave reviews of professionals - showed that it was the right thing. Impressive results of the competition and the march of the single «Song # 1» in radiochartam many countries SEREBRO instantly put in the status of one of the most popular and intriguing Russian groups. Can this be noted and the audience of music television channel MTV-Russia. With Ceremonies MTV RMA 2007 SEREBRO team claimed a well-deserved prize matrioshka nomination «Best Debut». Continued follow!

The first single was followed by no less intriguing a second - the song «Дыши», written by Maxim Fadeev. This sensuous, lyrical composition has identified the creative diversity of the group. SEREBRO easy to reincarnate of daring girls in the beauty of pure genius. Rate their artistry can be on the first two video clips taken with the director Maxim Rozhkova. The first two videos of the group of polar opposite in mood, but equally beautiful and artistically perfect. Subsequent videos are expected to be no less elitist, given perfectionism Maxim Fadeev work on their projects. The first album will be issued in 2008. The material for the debut disc is practically ready, and now he is a concert trio SEREBRO.

Basically, the tour group are abroad. Equally SEREBRO love our fellow conducting corporate activities in European capitals, and the inhabitants of the same unified Europe, pays great importance to the competition «Eurovision». Not least the emergence of Europeans love to the group has played that girl sing in English with excellent pronunciation.

Currently being collected video about the life of the group. The camcorder should be for girls in all their overseas travel, record the working time of their creative life. By the end of 2008 is scheduled presentation of a documentary about a group SEREBRO. Edition DVD with a film about the group and all the clips will be limited. SEREBRO will be more expensive than gold!
Here is a video of The Serebro name "Opiam".