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Friday, June 3, 2011

7 easy tips: How to make money from blog without investment

I am using internet from last couple of years. Read lots of story about money making and online income. Sometimes think, without reading all those trashes, I could do them and earn some money from my blog(s). Because, all basics are the same. Just we need to do them instead of reading and thinking. Let’s see, how to make money from blog without investment.

1) Work hard, need patience and should know what you are going to do.

2) Create a google account and go to blogger.com to make a free blog. (Read this article to step by step create a free blog there)

3) Give a good blog name related with the blog content and chose a good template. (Use google.com to find lots of free blogger blog template.)

4) Write something there. Not ‘it’s my first blog or post’, write something related with earning money, things happening around you (not just ‘it’s raining’, express your feelings, describe about raining.) Try to write every post/article minimum one hundred words. Don’t forget to add some post related photos there.

5) Try to spread your blog as much as possible to readers by interesting articles, exclusive photos, breaking news, write review about any popular brand (product, music, movie and etc). Add you blog feed to facebook, twitter or any kind of social media platform. Subscribe your blog by email.

6) After few posts and day, sign in for google adsense. Put their add inside your blog. If some one click on those add, you will get money. How many times other people see your blog, you will get money. Google adsense have terms and conditions. Read that. You will know everything. It’s very easy to understand and get money from them. But, never click on your own add.

7) If your blog become popular (lots of people visit everyday), make some place for paid advertisements. Even you can write paid review.

These are the basics. Practically all money incoming blogs did them first time. So, don’t just see how other people are making money. Let’s do it. Happy blogging.