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Friday, June 1, 2012

Healthy breakfast for healthy day

Breakfast is a very important part of the meal. The right breakfast helps human body to wake itself up, gain strength throughout the day. That's why it is important to eat in the morning.

However, opinions can be different. Some people argue that eating breakfast should be minimal, just enough to drink a cup of tea with honey. Others argue that the breakfast is almost the only time of the day when a person can have all that his heart desires, and it will not hurt his figure and the body. Still others believe that the body could get by without any meal in the morning. Hard to find out who is right and whom should not be trusted.

Scientists agree, breakfast should take and work better in the period from seven to nine o'clock in the morning.

Some may think that a healthy breakfast is the one who decided to make itself, in a particular country style. In France, for example, we know the following components of the traditional breakfast; a croissant, jam, butter, fresh juices and coffee. Turkish breakfast is different; there are the national cake, cheese, feta cheese, olives, herbs and coffee. As for England, prefer rather thick and greasy breakfast like scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon, baked beans. In Norway also heavy food are welcomed; there is popular jacket potatoes, fish and cracklings, fried in butter.

What pattern can be seen in these cases? That's right, than the North Country, the better fed should be breakfast and vice versa. So what do we come from? Should it look like a healthy breakfast? Nutritionists with a little reflection realized that the human body requires one-third for breakfast daily allowance of protein, two-thirds of daily value of carbohydrates and an incomplete one-fifth of the fat (very little). The protein has the property that gives the body a feeling of satiety throughout the day; they have fish and meat, nuts, eggs, mushrooms and sunflower seeds. Unsaturated fats better and faster absorbed in the body, which we get from sunflower oil, nuts and avocados. Carbohydrates charge the body with energy, so they are the most important elements in this chain. Therefore, they need to pay special attention, because carbohydrates can also be a useful form, and not useful (buns and donuts). Particularly useful carbohydrates can get in the form of fruits, vegetables and fluid milk products. Also very useful to consume the so-called indigestible carbohydrates in the form of fiber, which helps to work your digestive tract, and yet it will slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, thereby enabling the stomach to eat all day. Thus, the most useful type of fiber will be morning bread from wheat flour and oatmeal.

Benefit of the breakfast also depends on the season. If a warm summer morning, we may dispense a cup of tea or milkshake with added berries. In the winter body is unlikely to cost as a minimum set of products. What he would need in winter? Oatmeal is a better option. We have found that oatmeal is an indispensable source and a major supplier of fiber in the body. However, it should be cook properly. All those chemical quick cooking porridge sold in the store is not good for health. Because, they contain minimum beneficial substances. The best way to cook oatmeal is boiling in milk. You can always brighten up the flavor by adding dried fruits and nuts, fresh apples or other fruits. If you want to cook tasty, but a nutritional porridge, then it is best to boil it in water. To do this, you can pre-crushed cranberries with sugar, add to the same oatmeal, dried fruit (mostly apricots here fit and prunes), fill with boiling water and give it brew for ten minutes. Now it remains only to mix things up and your healthy breakfast is ready.

If you like sweet and fat curds, then forget about them for as long as you want to eat healthy breakfast. Of course, they create the illusion of fullness in your stomach, but they actually use virtually nothing.  Low fat cottage cheese, sour cream, jam or preparing cheesecakes can be added to the breakfast and Ideal for the stomach. Only, if you have enough time for it.

If you are a fan of eggs for breakfast, add a lot of vegetables with it to increase its nutritional value. In a frying pan put pre-chopped vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, onions, green beans, peas, etc.), put a little vegetable oil and pour over eggs. You can also prepare a "scrambled" tofu. To do this, mix the grated or finely sliced cheese with onions, peppers and other vegetables. Add to that the spices and soy sauce to taste and simmer start (preferably olive oil). After preparing a tasty meal is consumed with wholegrain toast.

Breakfast can be chosen by the time, tradition, country and a person’s personal health and habit. But, no matter what, don’t skip it. Start everyday with bright smile and healthy breakfast.